Understanding Shared Hosting

 As the major types of web hosting plans go, the shared hosting plans are often the most misunderstood. The shared hosting plan actually has a great deal of advantages for those who know how to properly use it, and can provide a great deal of value to a business owner without overdoing the price for any one resource.

First of all, the definition of shared hosting as defined by the majority of web users is web hosting for clients that is on the same physical server.

The clients on a shared host will also share the same general control panel, although many shared hosts have found ways to let individual clients tweak their individual profiles in such a way that you could never tell that those web sites share the same platform as other web sites with the default template. As a matter of fact, many shared hosts actually allow for the implementation of third party templates as faces for the user experience without affecting the overall experience of any other client on the shared server.

A big criticism of the shared hosting experience is the supposed data leakages that can take place between clients, and the fact that a problem with one client can also spill over to another client, as when one client on a shared server contracts some sort of malicious virus. Actually, nothing could be any further from the truth, as the shared server experience is actually far past this criticism, and has been for a few years. Even the shared server has found ways to virtually segment like a virtual private server, protecting the other clients on the server from the sins of another.

One of the great ways that people use the shared server model in the most cost effective way is to use the shared server to host the link building networks for their landing pages, which are hosted on virtual private servers, or if the web site is big enough, on a dedicated server. This saves the money of having to host many pieces of information on a dedicated server, and also gives the landing page or web site more room to maneuver, as they say.

The use of the shared server in conjunction with other types of server solutions is one of the latest ways in which the Internet businessmen of the future are saving money and keeping their costs down.

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